An Ecumenical Campus

image of people entering church

Imagine: Churches of several different denominations move from separate, costly, too-large buildings into a single environmentally and economically sustainable facility where they can worship separately and together.

They share their new home with social service agencies, supporting them with volunteers and with funds no longer needing to be spent on leaky roofs.

Public classrooms, assembly spaces, and a welcoming courtyard make the facility a vital center of cultural and civic life for the whole community.

Housing for populations in need emerges from surplus church real estate.

A new way to be church in the 21st century!


UDECC Publishes Feasibility Study Report and Presents Findings

Culminating three years of steady development, the UDECC Board of Trustees presented the Ecumenical Campus conceptual plan on June 6, 2010. The presentation included the unveiling of the architects' conceptual plan for the facility, as well as economic modeling and the proposed legal structure for the project.

Click here to see the June 2010 edition of UDECC's newsletter, the Labyrinth, with a summary of the information presented on June 6th.

To access UDECC's final Feasibility Study Report, click here to go to the report download page.